Our CSR programmes aim to create an enabling environment so that more underprivileged children stay in school and complete their schooling. We also strive to improve learning outcomes so that they have better skills and abilities.

To create a learning environment, the education initiative provides infrastructural support to government primary schools. Sanitation infrastructure is a top priority. Building separate toilets for boys and girls, providing drinking water and hand washing stations, and developing hygiene habits among children.

To make learning more stimulating, the programme partners introduce modern teaching and assessment methods that help children to achieve higher learning levels and better results.

Implementing partner Chaitanya Software Technology did installation of E-Learning units in 115 schools, reaching around 18,000 students.

Barakhadi Express keeps education moving, in schools and online

The Barakhadi (alphabet) Express, Piaggio's mobile library, aims to improve reading habits among primary school children.

The mobile library maintains a good collection of books of interest to children, teachers and parents. Barakhadi Express caters to schools in more than 50 villages in and around Baramati.

During the lockdown, the Barakhadi Express team took up the task of preparing students and teachers for the digital learning era.

Teachers were trained in the principles and practices of digital pedagogy and the use of different digital resources. Online tests are now available for students. For those without the benefit of an internet connection, the team has prepared an action-packed activity workbook, that is delivered to students’ homes.

This innovative mobile library project is executed by partner NGO, Yuva Mitra across Baramati Taluka.

Shiksha Se Samriddhi: Higher education scholarship for children of auto, LCV drivers

According to government statistics, about 73% of eligible students across India drop out of their respective schools before higher education. The most common reason (57%) is financial pressure.

The pandemic has worsened the crisis for the children of informal sector workers and daily wage earners.

Piaggio India has launched the Shiksha Se Samriddhi project to provide assistance to these students, so that they can complete their higher education regardless of any unexpected crisis.

Shiksha se Samriddhi is for the community of auto and light commercial vehicle (LCV) drivers with annual family income below ₹ 3,00,000. The scholarship covers 80% of the annual fees up to ₹ 20,000. The student must have already enrolled in a fulltime academic, technical or vocational courses. This year, 550 scholars across India were benefitted from this initiative and we continue to be committed for educational up-liftment of less privilege students. An NGO Buddy 4 Study helped us to implement this initiative across India

Lab on wheels: science goes where the student is

The Mobile Science Laboratory (MSL) and the Lab on Bike aim to spark curiosity, nurture creativity, and instil confidence in economically-disadvantaged children of government schools.

MSL travels to remote schools with more than 100 hands-on science models covering a wide range of topics in Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Class 5 to 10.

The COVID pandemic has changed the paradigms of learning and moved it to online platforms. Explore, Play and Learn (EPL) sessions over Zoom, Google Meet and WhatsApp enable learning in the context of daily life situations using domestic household materials.

Agastya International Foundation, an NGO partner, is implementing this work across Baramati Taluka.