Anmol Drishti: Better eyesight, greater road safety

As much as 60% of road accidents around the world are attributed to impaired vision (Vision Impact Institute, 2017).

It is estimated that India has more than 5 million commercial and 1.2 million public transport vehicles. Correcting the vision of even a small proportion of the drivers, who ply these vehicles, can have a huge positive impact on thousands of families of not only the transport workers but also the families of other fellow travelers who could be at risk due to poor eyesight of the transport workers.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Piaggio India has initiated Anmol Drishti, which aims to ensure road safety and enhance quality of life by enabling clear vision among commercial drivers and allied workers.

Eye screening camps are organized PAN India in partnership with Vision Spring Foundation and Sight Savers India.


Number of citizens were screened
Were allotted correction glasses
Were referred for further consultation and other vision problems
Total Citizens benefited