Conserving natural resources through watershed development

Weather has turned capricious across the globe and monsoon is unpredictable. Water resource management is one of the critical challenges across the world, especially for countries like India where agriculture is the livelihood for a major proportion of the population. Most are small farmers who depend on the yearly monsoon to grow crops.

Through multiple watershed management interventions, Piaggio India helps to reduce risks, mitigate the impact of extreme meteorological events, increase productivity, conserve biodiversity, stabilise and enhance nature-based livelihood, and improve overall quality of life.

Piaggio’s Watershed Development Project mobilizes and trains the farming community. It assists them in water management by carrying out interventions such as building micro water harvesting structures to store water, taking various measures to reduce soil erosion, drip irrigation etc.

With water available for irrigation and improved soil fertility, farming is less vulnerable to weather risks and farmers can grow more than one crop in a year. The output is of better quantity and quality, significantly raising and sustaining their incomes.

Sanjeevani Institute of Empowerment and Development (SIED) carried out implementation of this huge work for Piaggio India.


Projects component
Cultivable land treatment
2,687 hectares
New check dams constructed
Check dams and nala bunds repaired

Clean and green Baramati

To contribute towards Swachh Bharat Mission, Piaggio Vehicles P vt. Ltd supported Baramati Municipal Council to enhance its capacity for managing waste by providing 5 Special Purpose Vehicle. The objective of the project “Clean and Green Baramati” was to create better community health and improvise living conditions in Municipal areas through systematic waste collection and awareness generation for citizen accountability. It was Launched in presence of Mr. Ajit AnantRao Pawar (Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra).

Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. was also one of the contributors to Police Patrolling Vehicle in Baramati as the company believes in creating a sense of community security by keeping a particular area of a municipality safe and crime-free.